5 Fun Ways to Spend your Summer in Louisiana


Summer time is right around the corner. If you are in Louisiana, you may be dreaming of a beach somewhere or hiking with a beautiful view. Sadly, all of the places that first come to mind for those activities are so far away that you have to make a big trip out of it. Most families take one big trip over the summer. I think we can all agree that Louisiana is not the first place on peoples mind when they think “vacation”. Here are 5 things you can do and places you can go in Louisiana this summer!

1.Fontainebleau State Park

This state park is one of our favorite places to visit in Louisiana. If you are from out of town or out of state and want to spend more than one day at the park, they have tent an RV spots and cabins you can rent out. Living in Tangipahoa parish, we spent most of our summers here. There is a beach along Lake Pontchatrain that is the perfect place to hangout and get that beach experience without having to drive all the way there. There are also walking trails and playgrounds if you are looking for multiple ways to have fun during your time here.

If you get hungry, there are tons of great restaurants nearby. You can grab breakfast or a snack at Cafe Du Monde or you can grab a burger from Steak N’ Shake. One of our favorite things to do if we stay here for the weekend is visiting the town of Abita Springs. On Saturdays you can tour the Abita Brewery and grab a bite to eat at one of Abita’s local restaurants and on Sundays you can stroll through the Farmers market.

2.New Orleans

Everyone thinks of New Orleans when they think of Louisiana. Surprisingly New Orleans isn’t my favorite place to be, but it still has some pretty great things to do during the summer and if you are from out of town, it is a pretty great town to go see. The culture here is amazing, but (probably because it’s a big city) it is smelly and crowded.

Some things you can do with the whole family in New Orleans this summer are: visit the Audubon zoo, stroll through the French market, or go check out the Aquarium. There are also plenty of things to do in New Orleans if you are looking for more of an adult trip. You can go to a cooking class, spend the evening on a dinner cruise, or go check out some of New Orleans’ nicest wine bars.

3.Cypremort Point State Park

Beaches in Louisiana aren’t really a thing. Cypermort Point is one of Louisiana’s only beaches. Don’t expect clean water, but the sand and area around is is beautiful. It’s the perfect place to do an evening picnic, let the kids dig up sea shells, and even take some beach scene photos without driving all the way to an actual beach. It costs $3 a person to get it, but if you are from nearby and just want some pretty scenery for a day or 2, this is a great place to visit.

4.Tunica Hills/Clark Creek

Tunica Hills is one of the best places to hike in the summer. If you live in the south, you know that hiking is pretty much impossible with our summer heat. Luckily Tunica has a trail that goes straight through some streams and water falls. This keeps you nice and cool while you endure the Louisiana Summer Heat. There are also multiple swimming holes along the way to stop and take a refreshing dip in the water.

5.Louisiana Watermelon Festival

Watermelons are so refreshing in the summer time, which makes this festival so perfect. The festival is held in Farmville, Louisiana and is the perfect activity to fill your hot summer day. You can fill your day with fun for the whole family. The watermelon festival in packed with activities such as: watermelon eating contest, tennis tournament, arm wrestling matches, bike racing, seed spitting, and so much more. Get a hotel or Air BNB and make a family weekend out of it. The festival is held annually the last weekend of July, but be sure to check in online incase the date gets moved due to restrictions.

Though it can sometimes be hard to see past the Louisiana summer heat and humidity, Louisiana is packed with fun stuff to do over the summer. There are so many more activities than the ones I listed, but I hope this list pulls you out of your funk and helps you find a fun adventure this summer.

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Top 5 Go-To Budget Family Christmas Party Games


The holidays are upon us, Christmas is just two weeks away, and parties are around every corner. I love hosting parties and always find myself as the host of most of the holiday parties around here (which I have no problem with.) The only problem that I run into every year is what games to play. Today I am going to share five Christmas party games that we have found to be big hits at our Christmas parties

1.White Elephant

This is a usual at almost every Christmas party we attend. There are different names for it and different ways to play, but no matter what you call it or what rules you use, your friends are sure to love it. This game requires everyone to bring a gift. Make sure you choose a reasonable price range. The gifts can be funny or serious. (A couple of funny ones usually ensure a good time)

How to play:

. number a few pieces of paper or cards (if you have 9 participants, only number to 9.)

. Have your guests draw 1 card from a hat or bowl.

. The guest that chose the card with the number 1 on it gets to go first. They can choose any gift in the stack without knowing who it’s from or what it is.

. Once guest number one has revealed their gift, the guest that picked number 2 gets to choose between taking guest number one’s gift that is already revealed or choose a mystery gift from the stack.

. If guest number 2 chooses a mystery gift, carry on with the game and move on to player 3. If player 2 has stolen player one’s gift, allow player one to choose a new gift.

. Continue with these rules until each person has got a chance to pick a gift.

.Once everyone has a gift, allow player one to have a chance to steal a gift. If player one chooses to steal someone’s gift, they will give their current gift to the victim.

2. Santa Clause Drinking Game

This game has simple rules. You just place a Santa hat on the corner of your T.V. and turn on a Christmas movie or show episode. (Depending on how much time you want to spend on this) Every time it looks like a character is wearing the Santa hat, everyone drinks. You can also make this as intense as you and your guests want. We usually just take a sip of wine or whatever we happen to be drinking, but if you are up for getting a little crazy, you can do shots.

3.Snowball Shake

This game went viral, so I am sure you know how to play, but if you don’t know, I’ll explain.

You will need an empty tissue box, some string or a belt, and some ping pong balls.

To play, you are going to loop the belt or string through the tissue box and fill the box with ping pong balls. Then you will tie the box around the players waist using the string or belt. (This is where the rules can become your own) Choose to pit 2 players against each other and have the person to shake all the balls out first win or (to move the game along) you can time them and see who can shake the most balls out in the short time frame. However you decide to play, your guests will have a blast watching everyone shake their butts to win the game!

4. Cookie or Gingerbread House Decorating.

(If you choose to do a gingerbread house, I would pair everyone off into teams) all you need to do is set a timer and let your guests get to work. Allow them to use all the icing and sprinkles their heart desires and don’t forget to have fun. Have at least 1 judge (or let everyone vote for someone that isn’t their own) the best looking house/cookie wins!

5. Christmas Charades

You can find printable cards anywhere or make your own. If you don’t know how to play charades, you will just need to pair everyone into 2 different teams. You will need to have 1 player from the 1st team come up and try to act out a card. If their team guesses the card correctly, they can keep choosing cards until the timer is up. Once that team’s turn has run out, record the number of cards guessed correctly and move on to the next team. Allow all of the players from each team to participate and the team with the most cards guessed correctly at the end will win.

These are just a few small ideas. Most of them don’t require alot of materials or a huge budget. Remember to have fun with it and find a game that your guests will love too. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a chill might with your friends. Merry Christmas !

5 Easy and Popular Party Foods


I know I have been talking a lot about food lately, but it IS the holidays and good food is everywhere ! I just can’t help myself. I won’t be sharing any recipes today but I will be sharing some easy, fun foods that I love enjoying at any holiday party! I always have great ideas for parties and party foods, but when it comes down to it, I just procrastinate a little too long. These are some party foods that I can always turn to if I am running behind and looking for a treat that will be loved.

1.Pepper Jelly Dip.

My first pick is so easy, yet so good. Pepper Jelly Dip is perfect for when you are throwing together a quick party or forgot to make a dish for tonight’s Christmas party. All you need is a block of cream cheese, a jar of pepper jelly, and some crackers to dip in it. Go ahead and bring a serving knife or butter knife because cheap plastic knives and a cracker won’t cut through the cream cheese easily.

2. Bacon Wrapped Smokies

Need I say more? So easy & you can find the recipe online for cooking instructions. These take a little more time to prepare, but they don’t require a lot of ingredients and they are a crowd favorite at every party we serve them at. You just need bacon, a pack of smokey sausages, brown sugar, and tooth picks.

3. Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Cody’s mom always makes these around the holidays. They are great if you have a sweet tooth . I have made them for teachers as Christmas gifts and we have served them at parties. You just use chocolate chip cookie dough and a peanut butter cup and place them in a mini muffin pan & POOF!! You have a perfect sweet treat for any holiday event.

4. Deviled Eggs

Okay, so these are kind of hit or miss but my family and I love them. They are a staple at any family gathering. Once the eggs are boiled and peeled, the prepping process is so easy. They are a great finger food to have at any party.

5. Cake Balls

Homemade cakeballs are always a hit. Never fails. You almost can’t mess this one up. They have to be baked and frozen, but they are so simple. The hardest part is the chocolate coating, but even if they look bad they are still usually a hit because they taste so good.

I hope some of these holiday food ideas save you at this year’s holiday parties. We love these items at almost every party and they are usually the things that people gather around and clear out before the party ends. If something caught your eye and you do want me to make a recipe post, leave a comment. Happy holidays !

5 mistakes I made at my Bob Ross Paint party.


For my birthday I had my sisters and some of my girl friends over to have a Bob Ross paint party. I had it complete with wine, halloween candy, pizza, and mimosas. I used Google to find which episode to use. There is a list of episodes by painting that has the picture of the finished painting next to each episode. (I thought this was so cool!) Since this was my first party like this, there were a few bumps in the road. So, today I am going to be sharing some things that I would’ve changed.

The first thing that I would have changed is time. I am so bad with procrastinating. I picked my episode, bought supplies, and food the day of. If I could do it over, I would have picked the painting at least a month before and ordered the EXACT colors online. Looking for the colors in hobby lobby the day of was ….oof!!

The next thing that I would have changed is the amount of paint that I bought. I read a blog that said to buy a small bottle of each color for each person…. I did not need that much. We had five people there and we didn’t even go through 1 small bottle of each color. (I also used 8×10 canvases…so this might be why?)

Scrapers!! Oh my goodness the scraper. Bob Ross rarely uses an actual paint brush. I bought paint brush sets for each person and in 90% of the video he was using his scraper. Figure out what exactly he is using and get it for everyone… it seriously would have saved us so much trouble. We ended up using finger nails, butter knives, or whatever else we had on hand.

Next, he talks and moves fast. You, most likely, are not going to follow along easily. We paused it, but we made a mistake. We were using acrylic paint, which dries easily, and when we would unpause we would end up having to “drag the brush across” to smear some of the paint colors. By the time we unpaused, our paint was completely dry and no smearing was happening. I suggest that if you use acrylic or fast drying paint that you wait until he is fully finished and had moved on to the next step of the painting…. if you have to pause. If not, keep it going…you got this!

Building on that, I would change the paint I used. If you have the time, use a slow drying paint or oil paint. It works alot better for this type of party so, if you have the time to let it dry…take advantage of it !

I want to leave this by saying that this party was a blast. None of our paintings looked like his, none looked the same, but we all had fun being creative. Support your friends when you have this party and let them know that it won’t look like his and that is ok.

Thanks for reading along and I hope this helps you if you have been thinking of throwing a Bob Ross party. It is so fun and can be as strategic or relaxed as you want to make it. Just have fun. Until next time, have a great week!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen & 20 something Girls


Christmas is less than two months away. With it coming up so quickly, I figured I would share some gift guides every couple of weeks to help you with ideas if you are stuck. I have four sisters between the ages of 14 and 21. Sometimes buying for them is so easy, but other times it can be hard because their interests and styles change so quickly. So today I will share five gifts that wont break the bank too much (most will be under $20) and will be a home run with any young woman in your life.

https://rstyle.me/cz-n/epdteycxj87 https://rstyle.me/cz-n/epdtsacxj87 https://rstyle.me/cz-n/epdueqcxj87

My first option is the new ‘rock’ pop socket. Pop sockets have been popular for a while now, but this new pop socket looks classy and stylish, while still accomplishing the same thing (preventing you from dropping your phone).


The next item on my list is a belt from Pink Lily. It just recently restocked, too! We all know that Gucci Belts are in high demand in the fashion industry, but Gucci is not what I would call affordable, so this is a cute and stylish alternative that your girl will still love. It looks almost identical and is only $22!

https://rstyle.me/cz-n/epdxnicxj87 https://rstyle.me/cz-n/epdymucxj87 https://rstyle.me/cz-n/epdyq6cxj87 https://rstyle.me/cz-n/epdyxdcxj87 https://rstyle.me/cz-n/epdzcjcxj87

Kendra Scott jewelry is a little more on the expensive end, but it is always a hit with this age group. You can buy pretty much any type of jewelry for a good price and it is pretty hard to get something that they wont like. They have so many different styles that you are sure to find something for everyone.

If you are looking for something a little more affordable and you want to support local businesses I highly recommend that you visit @silassistersco or @c.cain_art on instagram for some beautiful handmade clay earrings that are under $10 and stylish.

Fab fit fun boxes are also a really great gift idea for this age group. You could get them the subscription that will give them 4 boxes throughout the entire year or you can also just buy one box per person. It is full of tons of goodies that you can handpick to make the box special for the girl you’re shopping for. You can find these on fabfitfun.com

I hope this post gave you some inspiration when Christmas shopping this year. Thanks for reading along. Have a great week & make sure to follow me so you don’t miss any of my new posts this holiday season.

Going Back to Work After Three Months: What I Wish I had Done.


Monday made one month since I went back to work after exactly three month off. This is something that most of us are facing or are going to have to face in the near future. In today’s post I’m going to share a few things I wish I had done before going back to work and over all how this past month has been for me.

The first thing I wish I would have done is get my sleep schedule back on track. During self quarantine, my sleep schedule got really confused. I was staying up until 4 a.m. and waking up at 11 a.m., sometimes even 12 p.m. I am a barista, so I have to be at work as early as 5 a.m. some days. Not fixing my sleep schedule bit me in the butt and over all made me exhausted everyday for the next two weeks.

The next thing I wish I would have done before starting work is get into some type of routine that fit work into it. My quarantine routine worked great. I got all my housework and school work done everyday , worked out, went on a walk with my husband, and was ready to hangout and relax by 10 p.m. that was my routine. When work got thrown into the mix it put everything to a halt. I still haven’t gotten caught up on dishes and I haven’t worked out since I started work again.

The last thing I would have done is write more. I would have gotten caught up on my school work and on my blog posts, so I wasn’t hustling to get everything done each week. I’ve gotten in a good groove with all of these things recently, but when I first started work again, it was awful.

Over all, this month at work has been a challenge. I have worked more often than I planned to and been exhausted everyday when I got home. I just recently (about a week ago) got into a good groove and got my whole daily routine and schedule planned out. I have seen more productivity from myself in the past two weeks than I had the 2 months before everything shut down.

If you are starting work again soon, go easy on yourself and give yourself lots of grace. Things around your house are probably going to be chaotic for the next few weeks. That is okay. It will get better. Thanks for reading and if you have already gone back to work, leave some comments below about what you struggled with or advice you may have!

A Week in Puerto Vallarta


I really wanted to share more travel stories lately. So, today I am going to be sharing our honeymoon destination. I’ll be going over what we did , where we ate, and how we afforded it.

We knew that we wanted to go to Mexico for our honeymoon. We just had to choose between Puerto Vallarta and Tulum. Honestly either option was golden. We ended up choosing Puerto Vallarta because we wanted to visit Playa del Amor. It had been on our bucketlist for years and this was our chance to make that a reality. Sadly, it was not open when we went. We were twenty and this was our first real trip that we booked ourselves. We should’ve looked into it. So, Playa del Amor is still on our bucketlist, but I promise to share when we actually make it.

Playa Del Amor (not my photo)

We did get to go on three excursions. Our hotel had a deal for buy two get one free. We had so many to choose from, but we chose to go on a day trip on a private island, a dinner show on a private island, and go zip lining. All of our packages were through vallarta adventures.

The day trip on the private island was a blast. We took a boat ride to the island where we were greeted with breakfast tacos. They had an itinerary of different things going on through the day. We did a mezcal tasting, went snorkeling, and after lunch, we hung out in our own little spot on the beach. It was perfect for a romantic honeymoon experience.

Next, we visited the same island for a dinner show. We got a dinner buffet on the beach and a tribal show after dinner. I had never seen anything like it, so it was so fun! This is a really cool experience for families or couples .

Our zip line experience was unlike any other zip line I have ever been on. It was such a fun time. They joked with us the whole time and took so many photos of us. It wasn’t just zip lining either. We scaled a tree, bungee jumped, zip lined on our stomachs (superman style), and went down a water slide. Whether you are traveling in a group, as a family, or on a romantic trip, this experience is a blast!

The rest of our trip was really chill. We just took the time to relax after months of wedding planning and actually feel like adults on a vacation without our parents. (LOL) We stayed in a marriot hotel that Cody ended up finding on Groupon for a great price. This hotel was more of a resort and had so many things to do. (Which is why most of our chill days were spent here) The day we arrived, we went to the spa to get a massage. It was a full blow spa too. There were packages you could buy, hot tubs, saunas, and tranquil music playing. After our massage, they gave us a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. (Talk about knowing the way to my heart!) We spent another chill day at the pool where we were served sushi by a chef in the pool and got to watch a scuba class take place. Our last chill day, we walked around the market and gift shops.

Most of our meals were eaten at the hotel. There were a number of restaurants to eat at and room service. But on occasion, we would go out on the town away from all the tourist places and checkout the local restaurants. There were two restaurants that we ate at and both were amazing. Our favorite of the two was Pipi’s. They made guacamole fresh at the table and one day they even had a mariachi band come play for us. The food was amazing.(This was where Cody determined that he actually liked mexican food) The other restaurant that we ate at was Casa Tradicional Cocina Mexicana. This restaurant was a little more touristy than Pipi’s, but the food was just as good. The service at both restaurant’s was remarkable. I highly recommend that if you take a trip to Puerto Vallarta, step outside of the resort and tourist driven parts of the city and come visit one of these restaurants. You will not be disappointed.

Getting guacamole at Pipi’s

So we did a few things to pay for this trip. Obviously alot of the money came from our wedding day, so we didn’t have to budget too much. We also were still learning how to travel on a budget, so when we came home times were really tough… like ramen noodles for a month tough. We did, however, find ways to cut corners when we could. Like I said, Cody found our hotel/resort on groupon. He also used one of the cheaper airlines (Southwest). Normally we would not use Southwest because we don’t like how they do their seating, but if you are only looking at prices, they have some pretty great ones. The only other thing that we really did to save money was use coupons. The woman at the help desk helped us out with this. She gave us a coupon for Pipi’s and gave us the package deal for our excursions.

This was by far one of my favorite places that I have visited. Maybe it was because it was my honeymoon or maybe it was just that good. One thing is for sure, I cannot wait to visit again… I’m thinking five year anniversary? (LOL) Anyways, thanks for reading along and, once travel is back on the board, I hope you feel inspired to visit this beautiful destination that holds such a special place in my heart!

Budget Friendly Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is less than a week away. Want to know a secret? I STILL don’t have my father’s day gift for my dad or father-in-law. This seems to be my circumstances every year. Every year I either do a D-I-Y gift or a budget friendly one. (Our dads are so hard to shop for.) So, in today’s post, I am going to list out a few cute ideas that I have done before or might be doing this year.

Bacon Roses- Okay, so I did this for a valentine’s gift for Cody one year, but it could be a cute Father’s Day gift. It is super easy and inexpensive. Let me walk you through the process. What you will need: A cheap/cute vase, bacon,a muffin pan, and fake roses. Once you have all your materials, you will roll up each piece of bacon like a rose and put it in the muffin pan.Follow the oven instruction for your bacon. when it’s done and the bacon has cooled, tear the roses off of the stems, place the stems in the vase, and place the bacon on the stems where the roses had been. TADA!

*Not my picture*

Mug- This is for the coffee drinking dads. It works best if you have a cricut. You can really do all sorts of cool gifts with a cricut. Just use the app to create your design. (Personalizing it is even better) Then, using transfer tape, transfer the vinyl to the mug. Such a fun and easy gift. (And it costs next to nothing if you already have a blank mug and extra vinyl laying around)

* Not my picture*

Three Jerks Jerky- This gift is a small, cheap, and cute little gift to say, “I’m thinking of you.” I don’t know any dad that doesn’t like beef jerky. This stuff isn’t normal jerky, though. It’s made from filet mignon. It comes in a few different flavors and runs about $10 a bag. The year we did this gift, I made a cute ‘steak themed’ card to pair with the bag that we gave each of our dads.

*Not my picture*

Themed basket- This one is really good for a hard to shop for dad. You can buy a bunch of small, inexpensive items and throw them in a cute basket. It is also a really good way to personalize your fathers day gift on a budget. One year we did a grill theme. We put a grill kit, some seasonings, and a card together and it turned out so cute. I also did something similar for my dad a few years ago with kitchen items. I got him a new K-cup carossel, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and some oven mitts and threw them in a basket. He loved it and it was all items that he needed. (sweet and practical) You know your dad better than anyone else pretty much. Get creative, grab a few items that he likes, I promise he will love it.

*not my picture*

Custom shirt- I did this for Christmas, but it would be a really cute fathers day gift too. I went to Big Frog in Hammond to get my custom shirt made. My dad loves star wars so, I got them to make me a shirt with Darth Vador on it that said “I am their father”. You could do anything you want though. Think of your dad’s favorite show, think of a cute dad pun, or your dad’s favorite dad joke…something that he would want to have on a shirt. Then go to your local t-shirt company and have it made. (A cute idea that your dad will love and you will also be supporting a local business.) If you are in the Louisiana area, I highly recommend Big Frog. The service is great and the turn around time is so quick…almost instant if they have the style shirt you want in stock. Check out some of their work and policies on Instagram. @bigfroghammond

*Not my picture*

I hope these ideas sparked some creativity in you for a great gift for your dad. Thanks for reading along and good luck! (Especially if you procrastinate as much as me !)

Louisiana Wedding? Here’s My Vendors!

It’s still wedding month, so I thought that this week I would share my wedding vendors. All of my vendors were so great and my wedding day wouldn’t have been complete without them …and my family. If you are planning a wedding in Louisiana, please check these people out and support them !

Hair and makeup: My hair and makeup was done by Jessica Bergeron St.Angelo & she did a great job! She did take a while, but it was worth sitting there for that long. She was so nice and my hair and makeup turned out so great! I didn’t give her alot of direction for what I wanted, she just worked her magic and it turned out so good! You can find her on instagram @makemeprettyjess . My bridesmaids got their hair done by Brittany McCaa. She was so patient & authentic around everyone. And she did such great work! She can be found on instagram @locksbybritt

FLOWERS: We went to ‘Pretty-N-Pink’ florists for our flowers. It was all the way in Watson, but so worth it. Our florist was so kind. She helped me find flowers that looked similar to what I wanted but were within outer budget. & she helped Cody and I find cheaper solutions to things to help us make it affordable. The only flaw in this was that it was an hour away from our venue and they don’t deliver on Sundays. So, we had to get someone who lived near them to pick the flowers up.

Dresses: My dress was from David’s Bridal & I found it for under $500. All of my bridesmaids had different dresses & different shades of pink. They got their dresses from David’s Bridal, Lulu’s, and so many other odds and end places. I LOVED how it looked with all the different shades.

Suits: Cody’s suit came from Men’s Warehouse. His groomsmen found similar pants from Dillard’s for alot cheaper. Most of the groomsmen’s look was from Dillards. My brother, the ring bearer, got his suit from Amazon. It came with a blue plaid shirt, but we bought him a cheap white shirt to wear. We didn’t want to spend a tone of money on it, knowing that he was eight and would be growing out of it soon.

Photography: My engagement and wedding photography was done by Alyssa Fisher Photography. I met Ali at my job before the flood and she was actually the one that got me my job during my engagement. She is such a genuine person and does amazing photography. I am a super awkward person, but both Cody and I were so comfortable during our photoshoots. During our wedding, she was so understanding and worked around all of the obstacles that the day threw at us. She even offered to let me do another family portrait session for the wedding on a new day since our portraits were cut short after my sister’s seizure. I never took her up on this due to my busy schedule. But if you are in the Louisiana area, contact Ali for all of your photography needs. Check out her work on her Instagram @alyssafisherphotography

Videography: Our wedding video was done by one of our close friends, Andrew Benton. You can find him at Elevation Films. He had just graduated college about a month before our wedding, so he gave us the best pricing and we got the full package. We were pretty much his guinea pigs, but I didn’t mind. It was a great way to help a friend and to save money. He is now super popular in the area and usually spends every weekend at a wedding. He was so flexible with us the whole time and was so great to work with. (If I can, I will try to post part of our video on here soon.) He got it to us fast and it was so great! Check him out on instagram @elevation_films .

Catering and Wedding Cake: We got our food made by one of the amazing people at our church. We had jambalaya, salad, rolls, and a few other small items. We had an open bar that was catered by Buddy’s Bar and Grill. Our cake was made by the bakery at Carter’s supermarket. All of our food and service was so good. The one thing I did learn (at my own fault) is to have the cake cutter ready! And make sure your husband gets a slice of his groom’s cake! (LOL)

The Venue: We got married at The Berry Barn. The venue was absolutely stunning and spacious. They provided space for everyone to get ready and had a bed and breakfast nearby for our family to stay at. We also got to take our engagement photos here as well. The owner was so kind. My only real complaint is about the service of the wedding coordinators. You can read about this experience in my previous wedding post. On the other hand, I have heard a lot of great reviews about the service and the venue. Maybe it was because of the day I chose? I’m not sure. They can be found on instagram @theberrybarnla .

Music: we hired DJ Parish. He was super helpful. He sent me lists of song suggestions and asked me to send him a list of songs and a schedule. He picked some great songs and as far as I’ve heard, everyone loved the music. Check him out on instagram @dj_parish .

I think that completes my list of vendors. I hope this helped if you are planning your special day. Thanks for reading along!